Lemons are a widely known and very often used citrus fruit - Available in drinks and ice-cream, used in recipes for a unique tangy flavour, and can also be used for indulgent purposes like facials and beauty treatments.

Lemons are of course, an excellent source of vitamin C, just like many other fruits in the citrus family.


Lemons are a vital part to many of the culinary delights that countries have to offer within their cultural dishes their sour taste is often seen as a delicacy, and is used frequently in many dishes to add a new dimension of flavour.

Not only the juice can be used in this manner however, the rind and large pieces of the peel can be used in marinades for meats like chicken, and also in baking!
Lemon tea cake is a particularly delicious treat, which is enjoyed by everyone, usually for the mouthwatering combination of sugar and lemon!

lemonLemons are used in several drinks, the most famous of which easily being lemonade.
Lemonade is a refreshing drink that has said to originate from the 16th century, in France.

However many countries have their own variation of the drink - Some carbonated and some just plain lemon juice with some sugar added.
Regardless of the process in order to create these drinks, they are all round delicious and refreshing!